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Salvaging the Mary Rose – 1836-1843 10 Oct 2014
The Mary Rose lay on the sea bed for 437 years, but she wasn't completely untouched...

As you may recall, the Tudor attempts to recover the Mary Rose didn’t go well, and the ship was abandoned, and eventually became lost.

It wasn’t until 1836 that anyone had any idea that something was still down there. In June 1836 fishermen began snagging their nets on something...

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Recovering the Mary Rose – 1545-1552 03 Aug 2014
Why wasn't the Mary Rose raised in 1545? Well, it wasn't for want of trying...

After the Battle of the Solent had ended, the French had withdrawn and the clean-up process had begun, work on recovering the Mary Rose was started. Even though she was quite an old ship, with 34 years behind her when she sank in 1545, she was still a valuable asset,...

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Who was "Mary Rose"? 08 May 2014
Where did Henry VIII's flagship get her name?

The Mary Rose is, thanks to her high profile recovery in 1982, a fairly well-known name in the UK, but where did the name come from?

There have been many suggestions over the years, but these are the main ones.

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The first battle of the Mary Rose 17 Apr 2014
Much is made of the Mary Rose’s last battle, but you rarely hear about her first, the Battle of Saint-Mathieu, 33 years earlier.

Europe, 1512; The War of the League of Cambrai was waging. Although this was mostly an Italian war, all the European Countries were taking sides, and at this point England had allied itself with Spain, the Papal states and the Holy Roman Empire against an old foe: France.

At the...

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Nine Ships called 'Mary Rose' 04 Feb 2014
A name to live up to...

The Mary Rose on display in Portsmouth is certainly the most famous ship to bear that name, but it wasn’t the last. Many ship names are passed to the next generation of vessels, retaining their battle honours, so you see ships called Ark Royal with honours including the Spanish Armada...

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The Battle of the Solent – What happened next? 09 Jan 2014
Why did an invasion fleet, nearly twice the size of the later Spanish Armada, just pack up and leave?

The Battle of the Solent, on 19th July 1545, is one of those events in history that had the potential to be very important, but is pretty much unknown. Indeed, many people who live near the Solent probably would never have heard of this battle on their doorstep if it...

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