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Granny or Grandad’s special birthday – sorted! 16 Feb 2017
2017 is the year Prince Philip turns 96, the Queen turns 91 and their marriage turns 70. We’re guessing they have their celebrations sorted but what can the rest of us do when it comes to helping our own wonderful older relatives on these special occasion

We know what it’s like – granny or grandad say they don’t want anything for their birthday or that Golden or Diamond wedding anniversary, because just being with all the family makes them happy enough.

Take them at their word – but give them the experience of a lifetime, too...

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The views from our Bridge Balcony (and our Wardroom) 14 Nov 2016
We think it’s a given that the Mary Rose presents some of the most stunning interior vistas in the UK.

Now that Henry VIII’s flagship has been re-imagined in all her glory, our visitors get to see the jaw-dropping sight of the mighty hull itself, towering above them, as they walk the exhibition’s three floors.

But did you know that outside, our views are just as grand? Take our newly-constructed...

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Tudor Weddings – The Good News 01 Nov 2016
OK, we’ll admit it, stealing wedding ideas from the Tudor era may seem a little risky, considering that two thirds of Henry VIII’s wives were either executed or divorced!

But while Henry could never be described as the world’s greatest bridegroom, he did know how to build a magnificent ship (ahem) and he also knew how to throw a fabulous party. And so do we.

The Mary Rose Museum captures everything that was magnificent about the Tudor era –...

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Make your celebration shipshape 04 Oct 2016
It’s only a guess on our part but if you’re considering The Mary Rose for your celebration then maybe you’re more than a bit interested in the nautical life and its heritage and traditions?

Fact is that while the Mary Rose may seem very old to all of us, in naval defence terms she’s a bit on the young side – it was King Alfred the Great who got going with the navy thing, way back in the ninth century.

Ever since we launched...

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Projecting the Past – Putting the Men on the Mary Rose 13 Sep 2016
Bringing the Mary Rose to life

One of the new things we introduced to the Mary Rose Museum when we reopened in July 2016 was life-sized projections of the crew, populating the ship so visitors can see what life was like on board a busy Tudor Warship. But how were these films created?

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Looking Back: the Mary Rose in space 19 May 2016
Artefacts from the Mary Rose have gone on tour all over the world. There have been exhibitions as far afield as the US and Australia, but none of the Mary Rose’s artefacts have travelled as far as parrel ball MR81A594, which in 2011 left Earth altogether!

At a gala dinner for the 2010 space-themed Portsmouth Festivities, the Mary Rose Trust presented the crew of the Atlantis Space Shuttle with a parrel ball recovered from the Mary Rose, with the hope that it would be taken into space.

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How tall were the crew of the Mary Rose? 10 May 2016
Were people "much shorter in those days"?

There's a popular myth that people were considerably smaller in the past, varying from being about a foot shorter than the modern average to practically hobbit-sized!

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Looking Back - Hatch at Crufts 11 Mar 2016
In the first of an occasional series, we’re going back to March 2010, when The Mary Rose’s dog went walkies for the first time in nearly 500 years! Our blogger Simon explains…

Back in 2010, the Mary Rose Museum was still based in an old boathouse near the entrance to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the ship was off show while work took place on our current museum, and we’d recently had Hatch, the dog recovered from the Mary Rose, mounted.  Our fundraising team...

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Spending half a groat: toilets on the Mary Rose 29 Feb 2016
Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor England, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?

Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor times, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?

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