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Primary Teaching Student Experience
Learning | 17 Jan, 2022 | Guest Blog
A blog from the learning team at The Mary Rose

Hi, my name is Matt, and I am currently studying Primary Teaching at the University of Chichester. I am a part-time carer and previously served in the Royal Navy.   

When arriving for my Special Interest Placement I was blown away by what is to offer at the Mary Rose Museum. The artefacts that have been found, the history, discoveries, and stories that are on offer are simply astonishing.   

Tony And Matt

The Learning department offers a fantastic opportunity for school trips. The team offer first-hand experience with replica objects from the Mary Rose which I believe is of paramount importance and is vital towards children's learning. Not only does the Mary Rose Museum offer History-based learning, but science topics are also available with the fantastic Learning Department team who are enthusiastic and a team who are very accommodating. They offer a range of engaging workshops which cover KS1 all the way to A-Level. Having knowledge on the National Curriculum also helped me to realise that this coverage is met within the workshops.   

There are many benefits to having trips to the Mary Rose Museum. These visits can spark pupils' curiosity and promote pupils questioning. This can also build on pupils listening skills. My time assisting small groups with hands-on activities during workshops was very positive, fun and engaging which is a credit to the staff. My favourites are Henry’s Heroes and Portsmouth's Tudor Past. I will most definitely use ideas from these workshops in school as there are many benefits which include a number of techniques of teaching and learning.   Although COVID-19 has affected everyone globally, the Mary Rose Museum have made their workshops adaptable yet still engaging with an online delivery via Zoom or other platforms.   

I have been working on an online project looking at the range of resources on the Mary Rose website which includes child-friendly information, images of artefacts, things to make and podcasts. I have updated the resources page with recommendations for primary, secondary and post-16 pupils, teachers and parents -

I have also seen behind the scenes some of the conservation science equipment and met Professor Schofield who oversees this area. I have been considering STEM activities which relate to the Mary Rose.

Evaluation is important to the Mary Rose team. I have been looking at different ways of getting pupil feedback on lessons quickly and simply. By doing this I created an evaluation template which is handed out to pupils at the end of their visit. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and volunteers. I felt welcome from the second I walked through the front entrance. I have loved the experience and working with the staff and pupils.  All the best to everyone at the Mary Rose Museum and I will be visiting in the future with my family for certain!