Third Thursday Twitter Tours | The Mary Rose
Third Thursday Twitter Tours
In the Museum | 21 Nov, 2019 | Museum Blogger
Discover the Mary Rose collection in our irreverent online tours!

The Mary Rose is proud to announce that we're holding Third Thursday Twitter Tours, online tours on Twitter, which look at a number of objects in the Mary Rose on a particular theme. However, rather than just subjects like “The Carpenter”, or “Food and Drink” (though there will be some of that), we’re aiming for a variety of different topics, based on current events, popular culture or just whatever takes the guide's fancy.

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Simon Clabby, Digital Marketing Coordinator and former museum guide at The Mary Rose, said "The Mary Rose has an amazing collection, which is explained by our team to our visitors in an entertaining yet educational way, so we wanted to share it with an audience who might otherwise not have been able to experience it.

"Of course, it's no replacement for seeing the real thing, as for every incredible object we show, there's an equally as impressive one just out of frame."

Each tour starts at 3pm on the third Thursday of the month, using the Hashtag “#ThirdThursTours”, and will be followed by questions if any are asked. They will then be collected into a Twitter Moment, so they can be read chronologically. Every object featured in the tour will be on display in the museum, so if you've enjoyed your online tour, why not come and see the real thing

Come and experience the tours over on twitter at @MaryRoseMuseum!

Love and Marriage
May 2018

Our first Third Thursday Tour, shamelessly cashing in on the Royal Wedding in May 2018.

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In the Name of the King
June 2018

Our second Third Thursday Tour looked at artefacts bearing the official marks of Henry VIII

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A Tudor's Eye View of Portsmouth
July 2018

Our Third Third Thursday Tour took a look at the Cowdray Engraving, which depicts the loss of the Mary Rose. Most people liked the Displeased Tent though...

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Animals of the Mary Rose
August 2018

A look at some of the animals of the Mary Rose, as represented by our museum collection.

Also, a seashell owl.

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Behind the Scenes at the Mary Rose
September 2018

A Heritage Open Days-style tour of the Mary Rose collections.

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Gadgets and Gizmos
October 2018

The gadgets and gizmos that the men of the Mary Rose had, but probably didn't really need...

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The Wizarding World of the Mary Rose
November 2018

Takes on the Wizarding World in a shameless attempt to cash in on a popular film franchise...

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The 12 Days of Mary Rose Christmas
December 2018

The twelve days of Christmas based on artefacts recovered from the Mary Rose.

We can only apologise for some of the later ones...

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The Mary Rose 'Booze Cruise'
January 2019

They drank a fair bit on the Mary Rose..

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The Fashionable Fleet
February 2019

Getting fashionable on the Mary Rose, because even a 16th century sailor needs to look good!

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Shakespeare Week
March 2019

Celebrating Shakespeare Week with the immortal words of the Bard. Also, knife handles that look like willies.

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Game of Thrones
April 2019

A 'Tribute' to the new, and final, series of Game of Thrones. Yes, a tribute, not a shameless cash-in. Definitely.

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The Colours of the Rose
May 2019

Because not EVERYTHING is brown...

Falling in the middle of #MuseumWeek, we used the hashtag of the day "RainbowMW"

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Musical History Tour
June 2019

Songs inspired by the Mary Rose's collection.

Well, objects chosen because they could be linked to popular songs.

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Mythconceptions and #FakeNews
July 2019

From Maiden Voyages to Mary Rose Sauce - Tackling #FakeNews regarding the Mary Rose

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Back to School
August 2019

The end of the summer holidays are in sight, so to celebrate we went Back to School!

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Ask a Curator
September 2019

Answering your questions about The Mary Rose, although they mostly seem to be about poo.

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Shardlake and the Mary Rose
November 2019

Looking at the links between the Mary Rose and the Shardlake novels, in which the Mary Rose appears. SPOILERS: The ship sinks!

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