Musical Tributes to the Mary Rose | The Mary Rose
Musical Tributes to the Mary Rose
In the Museum | 21 Jun, 2021 | Museum Blogger
Songs inspired by Henry VIII's favourite warship

The Mary Rose has proven inspirational to many in the fields of history and archaeology, but what about other fields?

Turns out Henry VIII's favourite ship is the favourite of a few musicians too, who've produced their own tributes.

Ballad of Mary Rose

Sally Barker

From her folk album 'Maid in England', the raising of the Mary Rose led to a song that percolated for many years and was further inspired by visits to Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose


From their album 'Nautical Graffiti' The Mary Rose is a charming ballad about the Mary Rose, her life and her loss.

Mary Rose

Scythian Fate

From their 'Drakaena Scythia' EP, Mary Rose tells the story of the the sinking through the medium of thrash metal.

We rather like it.

Mary Rose

Arnold Gutbucket and Humphrey Camelfoot

Originally recorded in 1982 by local musician Arnold Gutbucket to celebrate the raising of the Mary Rose, it was rewritten in 2013 to celebrate the opening of the new Mary Rose museum.

Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose

Alexander L'Estrange

A sequence of choral arrangements of songs from the time of King Henry VIII, sea shanties plus an original song by L’Estrange, Full Fathom Five.

Sections of this were performed at the opening ceremony of the Mary Rose museum in 2013.

Obviously this isn't a conclusive list, there are many others out there. If you know of any, or have written one, get in touch and let us know, and we might include it in a future blog!