Meet Tom | The Mary Rose
Meet Tom
In the Museum | 19 Oct, 2018 | Guest Blog
"Hello. My name is Tom and I am the new Graduate Museum Learning Trainee for the Learning Department at The Mary Rose"

"My 7 month internship is being generously sponsored by the University of Winchester. I have only been here for just over a month but, I’ve already learnt an enormous amount. Having only just graduated from the university with a degree in Archaeology, it has already been an incredible journey and has proved to be a massive step into the wider world.

My role in the Learning Department covers everything from taking school groups around the museum to answering the phone to schools and adding bookings to our database. I have worked with a whole range of groups from primary school children to A Level students. I am already able to teach a class all by myself and am very comfortable, thanks to the amount of support that I am continuously offered. I particularly enjoyed showing a group of German college students around as I speak the language. We can have several schools each day so life can be rather hectic! It is always enjoyable as no two days are ever the same, so there is never really any time to get bored.

Tom teaching in the Mary Rose classroomI have been able to develop my interest in IT as the department has just had two new interactive boards installed. I’ve been helping to explore the potential uses of this technology and train up staff and volunteers. Furthermore, I have contributed to the social media aspects of the department which helps promote the learning department and the museum in general.  I have also had the chance to work with the front of house team welcoming visitors as well as helping out with corporate events.

So far I have learnt many valuable skills that will add to my university degree to help me later in life. It’s a great introduction to every aspect of running a business. Admin work, customer service and management of staff and volunteers are not things you encounter when studying at university. With the rest of my time here, I hope to contribute to the department in many ways and hopefully add something to their resources that they can continue to use after my internship is over. I plan to do as much as I can for the Learning Department and the museum as a whole."