The Peter Pomegranate
Historical | 31 Oct, 2017 | Museum Blogger
Sister ship of the Mary Rose

Built in 1510 in Portsmouth, The Peter Pomegranate was a 300 ton carrack, enlarged to 600 tonnes in 1536.

Her name probably comes from St Peter and the Pomegranate, which as well as having symbolic links to St Peter, much as the Rose had links with the Virgin Mary, was also the emblem of the House of Aragon, the king’s in-laws when the ship was built. Of course, when Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon, he changed the name of the ship to “Peter”.

We’re not sure of the fate of the Peter Pomegranate, other than taking part in action against the Scots in 1547, all we have is her last mention in records in 1558.

A list of her armaments in 1545 can be found in the Anthony Roll, which also features the Mary Rose and the rest of the Kings fleet. 

The Peter Pomegranate

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