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Meet Cuthbert, the Mary Rose Cuttlefish!
Collections | 03 Aug, 2017 | The Collections Team
It wasn’t just the Mary Rose Trust who were diving on the wrecksite…

During the excavation on the Mary Rose, two cuttlefish appeared to live on the wreck site and were adopted by the divers as pets. 

Cuttlefish News article

One was affectionately called Cuthbert, as can be seen in this article from the Portsmouth News, while the other one’s name we can’t find. Anybody able to assist?

As our digitisation team have discovered, the charming cephalopod couple were often captured on camera and frequently seemed to be trying to steal the limelight from our divers, or pretending to be part of the archaeology!

We don’t know what happened to Cuthbert and his partner after the dig and it’s very unlikely they are still out there in the Solent (cuttlefish only live for around one-two years).

Maybe their descendants are still living on the wreck site, talking about how their great (times 35!) grandparents took part in the largest underwater excavation to date?