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Meet "Henry" 01 Oct 2019
Meet one of the Many Faces of Tudor England...

‘Henry’, given his name by Mary Rose divers in the 1970s when he was found down in the hold area of Henry VIII’s ship, is one of the most complete of the 92 fairly complete crew skeletons, and one of our most surprising...

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The Carpenter of the Mary Rose 17 Sep 2019
Meet one of the Many Faces of Tudor England...

On a wooden ship there aren’t many more important jobs than that of carpenter, and while the Mary Rose appears to have had a small team of them on board, the most important of all was the Master Carpenter, who owned a cabin on the main deck.

This cabin is...

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Changing the face of Tudor England 15 Mar 2019
Come face to face with the Archer Royal

You may have seen that we’ve revised our reconstruction of the Archer Royal, previously shown as a blond, blue-eyed European, to a gentleman of African descent. This hasn’t been done for political or social reasons, but as the result of detailed scientific study.

No ship’s manifest for the Mary Rose...

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Identifying an old dog with new tricks 29 Jan 2019
An international team of scientists have identified the youngest member of the Mary Rose’s crew: The ship’s dog.

The dog, nicknamed "Hatch" by our team, was discovered on the seabed on 12th July 1981 outside the carpenter’s cabin, under a pile of chests belonging to the carpenter and several gunners. 

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