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Ask a stupid question… 30 Sep 2019
There's nothing to be ashamed of about asking questions

A lot of people use the same starting point when they ask our volunteers questions in the museum; “This may be a stupid question, but…”

The sad thing is, it never is. They may be obvious questions, such as when the Mary Rose sank, or were there any...

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Everything a parent needs to know about the Mary Rose 15 Jun 2019
For when the kids ask, and you know they’re going to!

Some parents take pride in knowing everything, and are always happy to share their knowledge with their kids. However, sometimes mums and dads need help with a few details, so we've provided this handy guide to help!

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A load of old Ballocks 27 May 2019
Some of the more "interesting" objects found on the Mary Rose...

A total of 65 of these 'ballock daggers' were found on the Mary Rose, suggesting that these unusually-shaped objects were a common tool among the crew, used both for working and fighting.

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Identifying an old dog with new tricks 29 Jan 2019
An international team of scientists have identified the youngest member of the Mary Rose’s crew: The ship’s dog.

The dog, nicknamed "Hatch" by our team, was discovered on the seabed on 12th July 1981 outside the carpenter’s cabin, under a pile of chests belonging to the carpenter and several gunners. 

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Fantastic Beasts of the Mary Rose (and where to find them) 16 Nov 2018
Looking for Mythical Creatures at the Mary Rose

The Mary Rose is home to a host of amazingly preserved artefacts, many of which feature decorations such as Tudor Roses, Fleur de Lys and lions, but there are one or two more fantastical beasts lurking in our collections…

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Meet Tom 19 Oct 2018
"Hello. My name is Tom and I am the new Graduate Museum Learning Trainee for the Learning Department at The Mary Rose"

"My 7 month internship is being generously sponsored by the University of Winchester. I have only been here for just over a month but, I’ve already learnt an enormous amount. Having only just graduated from the university with a degree in Archaeology, it has already been an incredible journey...

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