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Musical Tributes to the Mary Rose 21 Jun 2021
Songs inspired by Henry VIII's favourite warship

The Mary Rose has proven inspirational to many in the fields of history and archaeology, but what about other fields?

Turns out Henry VIII's favourite ship is the favourite of a few musicians too, who've produced their own tributes.

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Caring for our collection 19 Feb 2020
There is a lot more to displaying the objects from the Mary Rose than just taking them out of the sea, wiping off the mud and sticking them in a display case…

The conservation work undertaken on the Mary Rose’s objects involves not only preserving and stabilising the artefacts, but continuing to look after them when on display or in storage, to make sure that they can be studied and enjoyed by future generations.

Our collection comes from the largest underwater archaeological...

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Shardlake and the Mary Rose 07 Jan 2020
If you’re a fan of Matthew Shardlake, you will have most likely have noticed that the Mary Rose makes an appearance in Heartstone, the fifth book in the series.

C J Sansom, the creator of Shardlake, consulted with our team when he was writing Heartstone, ensuring that the story contains accurate information about artefacts, events and, of course, the Mary Rose. As we are only concerned with a small part of the book, we will of course be ignoring...

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Yet another Mary Rose Christmas 19 Dec 2019
It's that time of year again...

With the inevitability of death, taxes and museum cufflinks ending up in the clearance section, Christmas is upon us again, and everybody is getting Christmassy. The museum events team are preparing for the Christmas parties for our staff and volunteers, the shop is making the Henry VIII and his six...

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Third Thursday Twitter Tours 21 Nov 2019
Discover the Mary Rose collection in our irreverent online tours!

The Mary Rose is proud to announce that we're holding Third Thursday Twitter Tours, online tours on Twitter, which look at a number of objects in the Mary Rose on a particular theme. However, rather than just subjects like “The Carpenter”, or “Food and Drink” (though there will be...

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Ask a stupid question… 30 Sep 2019
There's nothing to be ashamed of about asking questions

A lot of people use the same starting point when they ask our volunteers questions in the museum; “This may be a stupid question, but…”

The sad thing is, it never is. They may be obvious questions, such as when the Mary Rose sank, or were there any...

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