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Spending half a groat: toilets on the Mary Rose 29 Feb 2016
Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor England, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?

Everybody goes to the toilet, even in Tudor times, but what facilities were available on the Mary Rose?

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Naming Names 07 Apr 2015
Who were the crew of the Mary Rose?

Most of you reading this should be aware that the Mary Rose was built for Henry VIII, and that’s why he features so heavily in our posters on railway stations across the UK, but what about the crew? Who were they, and why aren’t their names more prominent in the...

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The Mary Rose – Racing Yacht? 17 Mar 2015
The Mary Rose didn't just fight and sink, you know...

21st March, 1513. Admiral Sir Edward Howard has recently claimed the Mary Rose as his flagship, and he and his fleet are just off the north-east coast of Kent. He sends out an unusual command, the ships were to head east, then make a sharp turn beyond north Foreland, then...

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Christmas on the Mary Rose 04 Dec 2014
The Mary Rose saw 33 Christmases during her career as a warship, usually moored either somewhere in the Thames or in Portsmouth, except during the winter of 1513 when she was part of a small patrolling unit under the command of Sir Weston Browne.

Whilst she was laid up there would be a skeleton crew on board consisting of a Master and a Purser, plus up to 21 mariners or ship keepers. The guns, rigging, sails, masts and navigation equipment were removed, and although they would be in port and able to return to...

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Salvaging the Mary Rose – 1836-1843 10 Oct 2014
The Mary Rose lay on the sea bed for 437 years, but she wasn't completely untouched...

As you may recall, the Tudor attempts to recover the Mary Rose didn’t go well, and the ship was abandoned, and eventually became lost.

It wasn’t until 1836 that anyone had any idea that something was still down there. In June 1836 fishermen began snagging their nets on something...

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Recovering the Mary Rose – 1545-1552 03 Aug 2014
Why wasn't the Mary Rose raised in 1545? Well, it wasn't for want of trying...

After the Battle of the Solent had ended, the French had withdrawn and the clean-up process had begun, work on recovering the Mary Rose was started. Even though she was quite an old ship, with 34 years behind her when she sank in 1545, she was still a valuable asset,...

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