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Make your own Holograms! 06 Mar 2020
A fun science project for all the family!

Okay, so they're not real holograms, but if you've ever wanted to see an object float before your eyes, we have the thing for you!

See one of our 3D artefacts as a miniature 'hologram' by following the instructions below to make your own holoprism!

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Make your own Christmas Cards! 09 Dec 2019
Print out and make your own Mary Rose Christmas cards this Festive season!

Want to make a personalised Christmas card? Download and print one of ours!

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Mary Rose Finger puppets! 15 May 2019
Create your own Mary Rose adventures!

For Museum Week 2019, the theme for 15th May is 'Play', so what better way to celebrate than with our special finger puppets!

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Colour the raising of the Mary Rose 11 Oct 2018
Make Tog Mor colourful!

Colour in this picture of the Mary Rose being raised back in 1982!

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Make and colour your own pop-up Mary Rose! 10 Oct 2018
Decorate your own Tudor Warship!

Make and colour your own pop-up Mary Rose!

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Dress your own crew member! 09 Oct 2018
Will he be an officer, or a sailor?

Colour and dress your own Mary Rose crew member with our exclusive paper doll!

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