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CRASH! The moment that made a nation jump 04 Oct 2022
What actually happened at THAT moment during the raising of the Mary Rose?

When people talk about the raising of the Mary Rose, they talk about one of three things.

  1. Taking the day off work/school to watch it,
  2. Watching it at work/school
  3. The CRASH moment.


That moment clearly made an impact, breaking up the slow progress of the footage...

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Where Were You in 82? - Mary Rose Special Branch 26 Sep 2022
William Alwyn "Al" Davies is a member of the Mary Rose Special Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club

I have been a diver for many years and have dived on many various shipwrecks. Some in other sea areas of other countries, including some initial Archaeology experience on HMS Coronation at Penlee Point under the authorisation of Cmdr. Bax, of Fort Bovisand, Plymouth. The most interesting experience of them...

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Where Were You in 82? - Lifting the Mary Rose 13 Sep 2022
John Gray operated Tog Mor, the crane that lifted the Mary Rose.

"I was Marine Manager of Howard Doris when I heard at a chance meeting with Wendel Lewis, about April 1981, that the Mary Rose Trust was seeking a crane to lift the wreck from the seabed in the Solent. This started my involvement with an incredibly interesting project"

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What Doug Dived 01 Jul 2022
Diving on the Mary Rose

An interview with Doug Barnett, diver on the Mary Rose, undertaken by students from Cams Hill School, Porchester, as part of Kids in Museums' Takeover Day 2022

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An Un-bell-ieveable Discovery! 07 Jun 2022
The ship’s bell was one of the last Mary Rose artefacts found, unexpectedly, beneath the wreck during preparation excavations for raising the ship in October 1982.

Discover the story of the bell’s recovery, its purpose, and how it is now pride of place within the museum galleries once more. 

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Bringing a 16th century flagon into the 21st century 31 May 2022
On 31st May 1982, an unusual pewter flagon was recovered from the Mary Rose.

On 31st May 1982, a rather unusual flagon was recovered from the Mary Rose wreck site. what makes it unusual? The numerous markings made on its surface!

This flagon has always been a bit tricky to display, with multiple markings at every angle. However you display it, there will always...

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