Make your own Holograms! | The Mary Rose
Make your own Holograms!
Arts and Crafts | 06 Mar, 2020 | Museum Blogger
A fun science project for all the family!

Okay, so they're not real holograms, but if you've ever wanted to see an object float before your eyes, we have the thing for you!

See one of our 3D artefacts as a miniature 'hologram' by following the instructions below to make your own holoprism!

You will need;
  • A mobile phone/tablet with internet access
  • Thin, yet stiff transparent plastic
  • Sticky tape
  • The template linked below.


  1. Use the template to make a plastic pyramid with the top snipped off, fixing the sides together with sticky tape. This is your holoprism.
  2. Open the video on this page in fullscreen mode.
  3. Place your holoprism over the Mary Rose logo in the video