What Doug Dived | The Mary Rose
What Doug Dived
40th Anniversary | 01 Jul, 2022 | Takeover Day students
Diving on the Mary Rose

An interview with Doug Barnett, diver on the Mary Rose, undertaken by students from Cams Hill School, Porchester, as part of Kids in Museums' Takeover Day 2022

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What he retrieved: he retrieved 500 arrows. He remembers swimming up with the arrows in a gutter with a net covering them to get them up to the surface. He told us that every time they’d discover something new it made the mammoth task of cold, gritty and early morning starts worth it.

His thoughts: He didn’t think the ship was going to be lifted, as he thought it was too big of a task. Also, he didn’t feel any pressure as he knew it wasn’t just his job; it was a collaboration with 16 professionals and 180 volunteers. He thanks Prince Charles for helping with the project because it would not have been as popular or even lifted without his popularity and support. This opened many opportunities up for him and he says it changed his life for the better even up to this day. “Prince Charles was a ‘good un’ for your average guy”.

His senses: He informed us that the task was made even more difficult when you could only see about one metre in front of you. You could only see the sewage, grime and pollution from the passing ferries.

However, when they were finally ready to lift the Mary Rose, the weather took a turn for the worst and nearly prevented them from continuing with this operation, but luckily the next morning nature was on their side.